Hello everyone!

This is a blog straight from the North East in the hopes that I can spread some of the country love that I have that all comes out of Nashville.  Too many times I’ve mentioned a new artist or started singing a song on the radio that many of my friends haven’t heard of yet, because I’m listening straight from Nashville instead of waiting for the music to get up hear in the NE.  My hope is that I’ll change that and start sharing some of the latest and greatest music I hear and think is worth a listen.

Before you get to reading and wondering why I get to say what I say about country music, it’s simply because I can and because I am a country music fan. Anyone who listens to the music has an option of whether to play the song again, or pass it up and go onto the next.  I grew up on country music and I go back to the days of Garth Brooks, Alan Jackson, and the country ladies such as Reba McEntire, Patti Loveless and Mary Chapin Carpenter paving the way for ladies such as Miranda or Carrie. Now, as country music has evolved, so has my taste for country.

I would say the greater majority of my music I grew up with would be country. I won’t deny that I went through a teen pop phase when the boy bands such as NSYNC and Back Street came out, but at the end of the day I came back to my roots. Living in the Philadelphia and Jersey region, going back to these roots though can be a lot more challenging. I don’t live down south where every other radio station plays country music. I live in the land of dance, pop, and EDM music. We have one country channel that comes in clearly, 3 total if you count the 2 I can only get in a very specific spot while holding the radio, standing on one foot, you get the picture. There’s one country line-dancing club within driving distance, and I actually have to search and work hard to find out when and where (hopefully within an hour drive) a country act is coming to town. Luckily for me, Philadelphia is within an hour drive so when country acts do come up north, this is my best bet to see them.

I ended up getting satellite radio in my car solely for the purpose of listening to the one and only Sirius XM On the Highway radio station. This station is great since they play both upcoming country acts and current ones as well. They’ve introduced me to some of my favorite artists, which I will be blogging about over time. I’ve realized that not everyone has the joy of discovering these new artists, so when I say to my friends, oh have you heard of this new band? I often get a surprised look. I’m hoping with this blog to review new artists and give them a fair and respectful review as artists. Trust me, there’s plenty of country artists out there that I do not like in the slightest, but I still respect them for their craft. Then again, there’s also other artists out there that if I was their manager, there would be a lot of things I would say to them if they wanted to survive in this live or die genre of country. Country fans are honest. They usually love you or they hate you. There’s country purists out there who feel that country should have specific qualifications But we’ll save that topic for a rainy day (Kenny Chesney anyone?).

Please feel free to check out the artists and remember, while I love free music streaming like Spotify and Pandora, if you truly like the band, please purchase their music. That’s really the best way to show your support. I actually purchase the CD if they catch my attention so I can rock out to it in my car. Also, you never know when you might have one them around to sign it!

So for now, I look forward to sharing new acts, songs, and news that I hear, especially for us well north of Nashville who are a little late to the game in discovering new country talent.

Love and All Things Country


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