We’re Having Ourselves a Big and Rich Time!

So I got the unexpected opportunity of meeting Big and Rich at the Spread the Love Tour in Philadelphia this year! My local radio station (Thank you 92.5 WXTU and Razz!) had gotten me meet and greets for Old Dominion (see previous entry) and as an added bonus, a pair of meet and greets for the always fabulous Big and Rich! I’ve been listening to country for as long as I can remember and Big and Rich were a country duo that are just essential to all things country. They’re such a fun and upbeat country group and I was so excited to meet them. They definitely lived up to everything I have ever heard about the duo! Cowboy Troy was also with them too so it just kept getting better and better. What I loved most about this meet and greet was the overall energy and vibe that I had from both the fans and Big and Rich. Even though this had the same rules as the Old Dominion meet and greet with no autographs or extra photos, the atmosphere was fun, relaxed, and excited. The manager was great and put all of us who had meet and greets in the room to wait for their arrival. Right before the doors opened, their manager got us all excited to see Big and Rich and when they walked in, the group starting cheering and clapping for them. Of course, they strutted into the room as only they can, and even had a camera man with them. Turns out they were filming some extra snippets for something they were working on, as they told us. Of course, everyone there was happy to oblige for some extra fun time with Big and Rich and they even led us in the chorus of ‘Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy’ so the cameraman could go around the room filming the fans singing along and dancing with the group. I waited my turn with the rest of the group for my pictures, and it was so great to watch them interact with each and every fan that came up to them for the photos. They posed for photos, goofed around with their fans, and overall made it a great experience for those of us who love all things country.  The fan experience is much better when you don’t hide your fans behind the backdrop prior to photos…but I digress.  You can even see from the pictures just how ecstatic I was to meet them in my pictures!  The manager took a ton of photos and basically captured my entire interaction with the guys including some really funny candids I’ll have to post later.

And now onto their performance…holy wow. Those guys know how to both rock the audience and also slow it down and give that old-school country romance vibe. Their voices sounded amazing, the crowd interaction was great, and their comments in between songs were hysterical as well. I’m not sure how they managed to have that much energy performing on stage while the sun was blazing, but man, they were so good! They played some of their fun hits like ‘Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy’ and ‘Coming to Your City’. They even slowed it down with a few songs from their latest album ‘Gravity’. One of my favorite things about going to country concerts is how proud it makes me to be a country fan in the good old USA. While the country has it’s fair share of political issues, disputes, and divides, going to a country concert reminds me that this music unites all the fans regardless of differences. Big and Rich also paid tribute to those who have served prior to singing their song ‘8th of November’. This simple act of saying thank you to those who have given of themselves to serve in our military is inspiring and always makes me have a whole lot more respect for the artists who can take a moment and give a shout out to these people. Big and Rich also brought out Cowboy Troy to take the stage with them, which just added yet another element to their already layered musical performance. They did a cover of Cake by the Ocean by DNCE! Such a fun and rocking country performance by everyone that day!

If you ever get the chance to get a meet and greet with these guys, definitely don’t pass up that opportunity, they won’t disappoint! Also, check out their latest album Gravity, which is currently available on iTunes.

Love and All Things Country

Twitter:  @fitfunjen203  @bigandrich


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