That Ain’t Country..But Wait…

Hello my friends! So part of the purpose of this blog is to bring you artists you may not be hearing on local country radio in these parts of the Tri-State Area. Thanks to Sirius XM channel ‘On the Highway’, I’ve been able to come across several new artists that have quickly become my favorite (Brett Eldredge, Thomas Rhett, Old Dominion, High Valley, and Brett Young just to name a few).

The other day I was listening to a new catchy song being played on the radio being played called ‘That Ain’t Country’ and it was definitely a catchy and fun country song. Ironically, the music sounds exactly like country so I liked the title and decided to do some digging into this Aaron Lewis. Now, I have always been a fan of country music and don’t know much about who’s who outside of the genre. Imagine my surprise when I did some research on this guy and discovered that he was the frontman of the grunge band Staind. You read that correctly. The singer from Staind is now doing country music. Now, before you get all music purist on me about people just trying to jump into country music using their previous singer status, give me a moment. Just as Darius Rucker was able to make a smooth transition into being a successful country singer, I think Aaron Lewis might have what it takes to do the same. If you listen to his previous albums, while they sound country, you can still hear the original sounds from the band Staind. The lyrics are in the vein of a typical country song, and he’s definitely heading in the right direction to his country music road to success. The music is country, but his voice still has the deep and soulful emotional sound from previous work. He has two previous albums The Road and Town Line.  He was successful in collaborating with Charlie Daniels and George Jones in his song ‘Country Boy’.   What I like most about this newer song is that it gives it a much clear and distinct sound separating him from his previous band, plus it’s got a very catchy vibe to it. His voice fits the country sound much better and gives it a fresh take on what he can do as an artist. The radio station did not give any introduction to him trying to make a transition, but just introduced him as a new song with a ‘what do you think?’ type of mentality. And I was loving it. He sounds like he grew up with country, which considering he went for the grunge music, is very interesting. Turns out country roots are exactly what he has and he grew up on folk music, which you can hear in the music being played by his band. If you’re looking for a country artist who can mix the fun country vibe with the deeper roots and emotion of country, take a listen to Aaron Lewis.

If Aaron Lewis sticks to his country roots, he should do just fine in country music.

Check out his music on iTunes, Spotify, and his latest song That Ain’t Country

Love and All Things Country


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