I Got Your Fix – Chris Lane

When you purchase tickets for a concert mainly to see the opening act, that’s when you know the artist has some amazing music. Last night I had the amazing opportunity to both meet Chris Lane and watch him open up for Rascal Flatts on their Rhythm and Roots Tour. From the moment I heard his song Fix on Sirius XM ‘The Highway’, I was hooked and knew this guy was going to be going places. In my previous blog I had him on my list of Top 10 Summer Songs and artists to listen to this year.

Chris Lane recently put out his debut single Girl Problems, which is one of the best albums I have heard in awhile. There is not a single song on there that I didn’t immediately love and find to be well-written and amazing . Stay tuned for a following post about his album review, for this post I want to focus on my meet and greet experience with Chris Lane and his crew. So let me set the stage for you to get you to truly understand how great the fans, crew, and Chris Lane himself are to everyone. I was selected to get the meet and greets after entering through his website and received the confirmation email the day before the concert to go to Will Call to pick up my meet and greet. Ecstatic me made sure to arrive to BB & T Pavilion well over an hour before the doors opened (good thing to because as you’ll read, I was going to need a good 30 minutes extra to sort the mess out). After asking at Will Call for the M and G’s the woman working there told me they didn’t have them, they had ones with similar last names but a different first name and even after showing her my confirmation email she wouldn’t really do much and didn’t even know where Chris’s team was for me to talk to them about the issue. Enter Twitter and Chris Lane Fans. I had been messaging Chris Lane fans previously and as all this happened, I messaged her to let her know what had happened and to see if there was anything she could do, and she came through in a big way. She contacted Chris’s team for me and  they were immediately in touch with her, forwarded me the necessary information for the Meet and Greet, and once the venue finally let the fans in (that will be a blog for another day on how the venue had some issues handling the event) and I was able to meet up with Cody and other fans for the meet and greet! Phew! Not going to lie, I was really worried I was going to miss my chance to meet Chris! But it all worked out in the end and now for my M and G experience with Chris…

Can I just say wow? I’ve met a few other artists in the past and his overall vibe for the meet and greet was just genuinely appreciative of his fans and those who love his music. He’s a very down to earth and genuine artist, able to make conversation with his fans, and seems very humbled at the fact that people would come to a show just to see him. Body language also speaks volumes about a person and I noticed when Chris greeted his fans, he actually turned to them to shake hands, give hugs, etc, and made eye contact with them when they were talking to him. Also, he’s adorable in person and his hair is fantastic. I know, I sound like I’m in grade school again, but he really was so cute and that southern drawl just gets me every time! Cody and the rest of the team also had that southern sound as well which just makes me melt. The assistant manager, Brandon, was great at taking the pictures and made sure to take a few shots of me with Chris as well as another group shot of me and my friend with him! I chatted with Chris briefly about my craziness of trying to get to the meet and greet and how great his crew was for coming through and helping out so quickly. Also, Chris’s hair is fantastic and looked great even in all the heat and humidity we had yesterday, I want to know who his stylist is because it’s great and I was a little jealous. When I told him I loved his hair he did mention he needed haircut, but maybe just a trim Chris, I like your current hair style too much.

As you can all tell by now, I’m a huge Chris Lane fan and was stoked for his set to open for the show. Since every track on his album is amazing, I couldn’t wait to hear what he was going to perform! He didn’t disappoint and opened his set with the song Saturday Night. This was the perfect song to kick the evening off with even though the concert was on a Thursday, but for many of us, was the start to a long weekend. He’s such a great performer and came out full of energy. I was also pleasantly surprised with the little rap moment he did in the middle of the song, which is in the album cut but not quite as spoken. Boy has got it going on! The next song was Her Own Kind of Beautiful, also one of my favorites, and the fans were drinking it all in for that song. The crowd loved him and I loved seeing his interactions with everyone throughout the set. When he slowed it down with his latest single For Her, I was fan-girling so hard at that point. I know all the words, as well as several audience members and we were singing out hearts out. His voice live is so incredibly smooth and his range is phenomenal. As a singer, I can appreciate the range he has and his ability to cleanly hit the falsetto notes without breaking in between. Chris’s voice overall has this deep and soulful sound throughout. He worked the entire stage and had several moments where he got down to sing to the fans. The best moment was when Chris took a fan’s phone and did selfies with them from the stage, as well as took a moment to take even more photos of himself on her phone! He really knows how to have fun with his fans!

And now I pause for a moment in the show to gush about this medley of covers he decided to do and was very well thought out for his fan base. Now, while I think Chris’s music is for everyone, judging by the audience I was in, I would say the majority range was women from the ages of their 20s to 30s. Yes, there were some younger and older, but a vast majority of us grew up on boy bands, and if you follow Chris at all on snap chat, you would know he loves to do covers of those 90s and 2000s boy bands like 98 Degrees, BSB, and NSYNC. The crowd went absolutely crazy when he started singing BSB ‘I Want It That Way’. He just combined my inner teen boy band love with his beautiful singing. He broke into a very fluid cover of songs by The Weekend, Justin Timberlake, Jason Derulo, Justin Bieber, and even included the guys doing the Whip/Nae Nae. So great! And then, after all these great songs flowing into eachother, he closed this fun medley with the entire band doing NSYNC ‘Bye Bye Bye’ with the signature dance moves included! Well-played Chris, well-played! He had such a fun set and the audience could see how much he truly loves performing. The set was closed out with his #1 song Fix and I loved seeing the audience sing every single word with Chris. Overall he had a fantastic set, and even though he told me it would be a quick one, it was worth it. Every single song was done so well and I can’t get over how amazing his voice is live! Chris, if you put out a live album I would buy that too…you’re a talented vocalist and I love listening to you live.

One last thing, can I just say Chris has one of the most entertaining bands I’ve seen in awhile? Seriously, their energy while playing was great to see. His keyboard player has got some serious dance moves that I don’t think everyone was able to see and appreciate and they were rocking it out the entire show. He also convinced everyone to do the dance moves to Bye Bye Bye so they could all bring out their inner boy band. Loved it! Rascal Flatts did bring Chris and Kelsea back out for their closing number of Me and My Gang and loved seeing him again. In case you didn’t know, Chris is a die hard Carolina Panthers Fan, and since I was so close to the stage, I did see him waiting back stage with his Panthers jersey and helmet on goofing around in the back. Just another moment of showing just how down to earth this guy is and knows how to have fun with his friends! He didn’t come back on stage with the jersey on, but I did love that he was repping my girl Kelsea Ballerini with a shirt on with DIBS written on it. Chris stole the spotlight at the end of the show with all the craziness of beach balls and rocking it out with Rascal Flatts at the end. Overall, amazing set and performance by Chris Lane.

If you don’t know who Chris Lane is yet, you need to check out his debut album Girl Problems, which is available on iTunes, and also at Target stores with bonus tracks. You won’t be disappointed! And if you ever get the chance to see him live, you will be so glad that you did. Chris Lane is definitely one to watch because he’s going to be a huge success!

Love and All Things Country