Think A Little Less


“Wait, why are there so many people here? Who’s performing?” is the question I hear all the time when I’m waiting in line to see one of my favorite performers at Prospector’s Grille and Saloon in Mt. Laurel, NJ. See here’s the thing…country music isn’t huge (even though it should be) in this neck of the woods. My only options typically to see a country artist is to go to NYC or Philadelphia. However, Prospector’s offers a little taste of country right here in South Jersey. It’s my favorite place to hear some of the country artists who take a moment to stop at this intimate and amazing venue to play their music for us ‘Northern’ country music lovers.

So, this Saturday, I am again bracing myself for hearing ‘Who is Michael Ray?” and taking a moment to educate these people on the country artist they are missing out on and should be going to see their show. I am at a slight disadvantage because I listen to Sirius XM ‘On the Highway’ every day so I’m always up on the country artists from Nashville and usually just think everyone is up on their country music artists. Shout-out to Storme, Producer Britt and Ashley! Also Buzz and Al Skop I love you guys too!

But, I digress. In case you haven’t heard of him already, Michael Ray will be performing this Saturday along with Levi Hummon. Levi Hummon is another talented up and coming artist that I’m so excited to hear live!

ICYMI: Michael Ray has a new album out and you should seriously take a listen. A few of these songs I’ve actually been listening to since they came out in 2015…but the Philadelphia area is finally catching on and playing his music on the local radio.

My take: Definitely a great album filled with a more country vibe with his hits like ‘Kiss You In The Morning’ and his latest single ‘Think A Little Less’.   There’s something about his crooner voice that just makes his music stick out. I find myself humming the ‘Think A Little Less’ chorus line quite often along with ‘Run Away With You’. These songs do a great job of capturing being lost in the moment with someone you love and just seeing where life takes you. No questions, worrying about the past or future, and just being in the moment with them.

I can’t wait to hear him sing some of his older songs and his hits live…I’ll be sure to follow up post concert with his set list and all the best aspects of his concert! I have a hard time picking just 3 songs from this album because there’s several that I am just swooning over.  Real Men Love Jesus pretty much just sums up everything I love about a man, especially a country loving, God-fearing, old fashioned sweetheart.

My Top 3 Songs

  1. Real Men Love Jesus
  2. Think A Little Less
  3. Run Away With You

And now for his opening act….LEVI HUMMON!   I actually hadn’t heard of this guy until they played him on Sirius XM, but I immediately was a fan.  With this in mind,  I was super psyched to hear he would be out on tour with Michael Ray. His one song is pretty much the anthem of so many people who have that love-hate relationship when they leave someone they love. ‘Love You Hate You Miss You’ covers the rollercoaster of emotions when you can’t decide what to do about someone when you can’t stop thinking about even though you probably shouldn’t…we’ve all been there.  ‘Chain Reaction’ follows along that line of what happens when you decide to dial that number just one more time. A lot of us can relate to that when you’re looking at your phone debating if you should send that text or dial their number. ‘Window Down Days’ is that fun and upbeat song that makes you think of those beautiful weather days when you just roll the window down and enjoy life.

I can’t wait to see what these guys do at the concert next week and which songs will be a part of their set list…I’ll give you the full scoop post-concert!

As always, if you like their music, make sure you check them out and support these amazing country artists! Michael Ray and Levi Hummon albums can both be downloaded on iTunes.

Love and All Things Country

P.S. Michael and Levi I would totally love to meet you guys the day of the concert!  Just saying… 🙂







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