Dance With Ya…All Night!

Hello my country music loving friends! It’s been awhile since I’ve written anything, which is unfortunate that I’ve been slacking because since the last post I’ve heard some amazing debut albums and even spent a glorious 6 days in Nashville!

But, before I get sidetracked, let me tell you about my latest concert venture at The Foundry in Philadelphia this weekend! As some of you may know, I absolutely love listening to Sirius XM On the Highway, which is straight out of Nashville and keeps me up to date on the latest and greatest of country music. This year, they have their ‘Highway Finds’ tour featuring Smithfield, Drew Baldridge, and Steve Moakler. If you haven’t caught them out on tour yet, I would highly recommend checking out a tour stop or seeing any of these artists out on the road individually. Totally worth it.

I had the opportunity to see these three amazing acts this past Saturday night at The Foundry, which is a more intimate and club style show. Basically, the show was in the upstairs bar and performance room of The Fillmore, Philadelphia, which provided the opportunity to be close enough to the artists and have an amazing sound. The crowd loved all the artists, and I was listening to those in the crowd commenting on how great these artists were and how excited they were to catch them live.

Trey and Jennifer of Smithfield opened up the night with an acoustic performance. I loved the fact that their performance was stripped down and the audience was able to hear just how smooth and blended this duo’s vocals truly are in their music. Currently, their latest single ‘Hey Whiskey’ is being played, and if you haven’t heard it yet on your local country station, start requesting it! They also had a great deal of success with their song ‘Nothin’ But The Night’, which the audience was able to get a performance of as part of their set list. The set list included a few other great tracks off their album including the fun summer song ‘Cooler’, and one of my personal favorites ‘If I Were You’. Trey and Jennifer also did several fun covers to give the audience a feel for the 90s music they (and I as well) grew up on with a few covers. One of my favorites was a tribute to Trey’s more rock and roll side with Aerosmith paired with Jennifer’s more country roots and Shania Twain’s ‘That Don’t Impress Me Much’. I was impressed with their vocal performances and the harmonies I heard throughout the performances. I also had the opportunity to say hello to both Trey and Jennifer after the set, since they did a meet and greet after the set. They were great interacting with their fans, taking pictures, signing autographs, and even doing selfies with several fans. This right here is one of my favorite parts of the smaller country shows and getting to know the artist. Trey and Jennifer take their music very personally, and I was thrilled to have the chance to hear them live and see them take the time to chat with their fans. Be sure to check out their music on iTunes, you’ll be glad that you did!

After their set, Drew Baldridge came on stage to start the party. I’m not going to lie, I mainly went to the show to see Drew perform, since I think he’s totally adorable, has a great voice, and is a good old country cutie. I’ve been listening to his album ‘Dirt On Us’ ever since I heard his latest Highway hit ‘Rebound’, which features the lovely Emily Weisband. At tonight’s performance, he had Jennifer from Smithfield sing with him on this number, which was just as amazing.   When I started listening to his album on Spotify, I was instantly a fan. He covers a little bit of everything on his album, and at his show I had a chance to hear him sing several of the tracks off his album, complete with some killer dance moves. Drew’s sound is very country, he’s got that twang, and also a sweet vocal range. Throughout his music he hits some deep notes and can slide right up the octave in some of his slower songs as well. And can I just say, the man knows how to work a stage. I’ve seen a lot of concerts, seasoned performers, and those just starting out. I’m also a firm believer in having that ‘it’ factor that makes some a more natural and stronger stage presence. Drew was all over the stage, but in a comfortable way that makes it very clear he’s right at home up there performing his music and just having a great time with his band and the fans. He sings a great upbeat song called ‘Dance With Ya’, which he also performed on tour. His energy was amazing, and I definitely would dance all night with him. He sang some other great songs off the album including ‘Dirt On Us’, ‘Love On Your Body’, and ‘Burnt Toast’. His songs have this fun vibe to all of them and are grounded in the country roots.  But, Drew also knows how to have some fun with his covers.  He did a great mash-up of ‘Honky tonk badonkadonk’ and ‘Baby Got Back’.  This was definitely a crowd favorite, and every one was able to appreciate this one.  The band had some smooth dance moves going on during this number, and Drew was having a blast rocking out to this song on stage.

Aside from the concert, Drew’s album Dirt On Us covers several different areas of country music from the tractors, love, trouble with said love, and that hometown pride. One of my favorite songs on the album is the track he sings with Mike and Doug Baldridge, the song that takes me back to my early church days and singing in a pew. They sing the song ‘It Is Well With My Soul’, and it is just breathtaking. This is the song I now listen to when I need to re-center, or just take a moment out of my day to focus on remember that Jesus can get me through anything. I would highly recommend checking out this album and one of Drew’s shows for a great country party.

Drew also did a meet and greet with his fans after the show, and I have to say, I am impressed with the energy he had with each and every fan, the smile on his face, and even though he’s been on the road for awhile, he doesn’t seem the slightest bit tired from it at all. He’s also got quite the fun social media presence on Instagram, so if you’re into keeping up with the antics of your favorite country singers, check out his social media accounts as well.

Stay tuned for my follow-up on Steve Moakler’s performance from the show! This post was getting a little long so I figured I would wrap it up with these two amazing performances from the night.

As always, if you love their music be sure to support the artists and purchase their music on iTunes or through their individual sites.

Drew Baldridge:


Love and All Things Country


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